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Dovetail 8
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Is FREE the New Normal?

The Playbook that's Rockin' in the Free World

If you are, or had been a Consultant, you know how challenging the consulting business can be. At Winchester Consulting Group, I was confident of success because I strove to provide clients with valuable services at a good price. I always emphasized the value of my services. 

To succeed as a Consultant, two questions must be answered,
1. Do I have an expertise that clients value?
2. Will clients compensate me for the services I provide?

In my case, I answered "Yes" and "Yes." That is why it was difficult to explain why my practice was not as successful as the Business Plan predicted that it would be.

I grappled with this problem and sought the wisdom of successful and highly-regarded business consultants. From them, I learned that the consulting business was not what I thought it was. I was operating on a flawed premise. Even well-established Consultants were facing unforeseen challenges that threatened the viability of their firms.

Every consultant that I spoke with proudly stated that their expertise and services were better than ever. Furthermore, clients valued those services... but they didn't want to pay for them. One consultant summed it up for me, "In the Web Age, client expectations have fundamentally changed. Our clients believe that whatever a consultant has, someone else offers an equivalent - but it's free." 
With that insight, I understood my operating universe. However, I was unable to change my business model because I needed to make a living. Free was not an option. Neil Young's words were not relevant. I surely wasn't "Rockin' in the Free World."

We have witnessed the Free Way explode before our eyes. LinkedIn, Wikipedia and Free-Conference-Call (no ambiguity in that name) are now woven into the business fabric of our lives. Rather than fighting this New Normal, I decided to adopt its playbook. Making that decision had an immediate impact. It set me free.  
I have come to realize that money gets in the way of doing business.
I can now focus exclusively on being a valued Service Provider, not a Service Seller. 

That is why I chose this model for Dovetail 8. It's FREE, and that's what makes it normal.

Dovetail 8 is a resource that enables Suppliers to discover Manufacturer's Representatives via their Target Customers and Key Accounts. Suppliers and Rep Firms can create optimal connections without money complicating the process.
The tagline is Dovetail Connections Work and I want them to work easily and quickly.

I will soon find out if FREE really is the New Normal. What is your prediction?

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