Dovetail 8

Dovetail 8
Suppliers of Products and Services Discover Rep Firms via Mutual Interest and Relationships with Target Customers and Key Accounts

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"The more things change, the more..."

I expect that you completed this famous phrase with "they stay the same."
I admire the wisdom of Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr, but his timeless quote has timed-out.
Over the last decade, we have seen that, "The more things change, the more things change."

With today's pervasive technology, global communication, smartphones and social media is anyone saying that things have stayed the same? We have experienced tectonic changes in all aspects of our lives. This week, we watched NASA place a one-ton rover on Mars and we are experiencing our first Social Media Olympics. 

Our careers and livelihoods have also changed, especially the world of technology sales. Back in the day, a subjective term, I was an effective sales rep and valued by my customers. I had access to my customers' key employees because I had the keys to "open their doors". With data books, application notes and samples in hand, I was given unfettered customer access. With that access, I had the opportunity to provide value to my customers and develop influence with the account.

Access & Influence is critical to the success of Sales Reps and Suppliers. Sales Reps no longer have the bandwidth to support unlimited numbers of customers. Many Suppliers now have products and services that only have value to narrow markets, specific industries and target customers. In order for Sales Reps and Suppliers to change with the changes, they should create business relationships based on Customer-specific Sales Representation. This will enable Sales Reps to monetize their Access & Influence while Suppliers can precisely engage with target customers that are critical to their success. These are the reasons why Dovetail 8 was created.

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